Where and When Can You Wear Line Jackets

Depending on your organization, you can wear your line jacket outside Greek-related events. Always refer to your organization and chapter’s rules for when and where to wear it.

Can I Wear my Line Jacket at School?

Usually, it’s okay to wear your line jacket while walking around campus or going to class. Check the weather beforehand, as sweat and rain can ruin your jacket over time.

If your line jacket has your organization's crest, it’s a common rule to not allow it at non-Greek campus events. Ask your chapter if they have this rule before sporting your jacket to math class. 


Can I Wear My Line Jacket at Work?

Work is typically a no-go for line jackets. Your jacket might get ruined while moving around, sweating, lifting things, or serving potential customers. Greek Letters can also make your workplace inadvertently non-inclusive if you serve customers. For example, a customer you’re serving might have rushed your organization and not gotten a bid, making them feel really awkward requesting a service from you. This was actually a written handbook rule for a campus job I had! Finally, outside Greek Life, Greek Letters sadly aren’t considered business casual or business formal. It’s an important skill to present yourself professionally at work.

Can I Wear My Line Jacket While Running Errands?

If it’s allowed and you feel comfortable, you can definitely be out and about in your line jacket. Just be aware that you’re representing your organization in your community when you wear letters.

Wearing Line Jacket to Greek Parties 

This rule could be a campus-based culture thing, but I’m going to say no unless it’s a national board-approved event. Even though it’s a Greek Life event, parties are messy and involve alcohol. Universities and organizations have lots of restrictions around affiliation with alcohol. Parties with underage participants also put your organization in legal trouble. Imagine the party gets shut down and you’re all standing there (or in the middle of hopping a fence) wearing your Greek Letters. Yikes.

Leave your line jacket at home or ask the host for a safe place to store it while you party.

Wearing your line jacket makes you feel special and proud of your organization. Picking the appropriate times to wear it will protect the image of yourself and your organization. Always check with your chapter’s rules on best practices for wearing line jackets.

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