3 Things to Never Do When Wearing Your Line Jacket

Line jackets are exciting to show off but come with some key rules. Let's go over the do’s and don'ts of wearing your line jacket. These rules apply to other Greek letters too!


1. Never Wear Your Line Jacket Under the Influence

There’s nothing bad about enjoying your favorite legal substances. However, most organizations have formal rules against using them while wearing letters.

This rule helps prevent the ongoing stereotype that Greek life is exclusively about partying and raving. Also remember that substances can cause changes in behavior, both in you and those around you. Even if your organization doesn’t have a rule against it, be cautious and opt for non-Greek attire when enjoying a drink, smoke, or edible.


2. Never Break Organization or Campus Rules While Wearing Your Line Jacket

It’s expected that you always follow your organization’s rules and standards. That expectation increases if you wear letters that represent the organization. You can be suspended or de-lettered for ignoring your organization’s rules and standards, especially if you’re sporting their letters.

When you break campus rules while wearing your Greek Letters, it can create problems not just for you, but also for your entire chapter. People on campus, like students, teachers, and officials, notice the four-inch Greek Letters on your clothing. In the best-case scenario, they might develop a negative opinion about your organization while you face consequences.

In the worst-case scenario, it's not just you who faces the repercussions; your whole chapter could be in trouble. Campus authorities might investigate, suspend, or even close down your chapter if they think your actions are connected to your organization. Avoid the risk!


3. Never Break State or Federal Laws While Wearing Your Line Jacket

This guideline seems pretty obvious, but not following it has some serious consequences outside your own life. By wearing your organization’s letters, you inadvertently associate your organization with whatever you’re doing.

Wearing letters while committing a crime can lead to a formal investigation into your organization or negative media attention.

If you need a true story to hit this home, google your organization and hit the “news” tab. Most organizations sadly already have stories of members doing something illegal, and the organization gets dragged into the headlines. Don’t let individual decisions affect your siblings long-term.

To sum it up, wearing your line jacket is a statement of your affiliation and commitment to upholding the standards of your organization. These three rules aren't just about personal choices—they reflect on your entire Greek family. When in doubt, leave your letters at home!

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