As a high-anxiety human, I love things that are low-stress.

Ordering custom line jackets? HIGH STRESS 😵

After I crossed, I saw the same pattern of stress every time one of my sxsters wanted to order a line jacket. Long turnaround during crossing season. Unclear pricing for custom designs. The nail-biting wait to see if your jacket looks amazing or like trash when it arrives in the mail.

By the time I was ready to order a custom jacket for my own little sxster, I was so done with the pattern. Thus, Amethyst Jackets was created.


Gifting a line jacket is a special memory we all share in the multicultural Greek community. You deserve to experience it with minimal stress!


Here are things we do to make your experience stress-free:

Upfront pricing - including all custom work
Full 2D mockup of your jacket before production
Pictures of your jacket before shipping
Free standard US shipping
Rush production and shipping options
    Amethyst Jackets logo

    Hi, I'm May (they/them)! I'm a sxster of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, and I crossed at Purdue University in Fall 2019. I'm the creator of Amethyst Jackets and the person who helps bring your line jacket idea to life!

    Fun Fact: The name Amethyst Jackets comes from my line name "d'Améthyste." (Thanks biggie!)

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