Four sisters of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. smiling

3 Reasons I Wanted to be a Sister of Kappa Delta Chi

By Eva Quintero | IG

KDChi Values

Their values are Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership. These are the keys to a strong, bonded sisterhood and when they were rushing, I could see that they all were a direct reflection of those values! I also felt that those values reflected mine.

Friendships in KDChi

I was coming from a high school who considered my school to be "unluxurious" and as a result of that, I was the only one from even my school district. After the first semester of my freshman year, I decided that I needed to become more involved on campus to make more friends, and Kappa Delta Chi Sorority was the perfect way to do that. I met my big, who is my best friend, and my class sisters who I hardly ever do anything without. So in my pursuit of friendships, I may have found my future bridesmaids <3

KDChi is an Academic Sorority

This was extremely important to me because stereotypically, in movies, you see sorority girls as being crazy girls who love to party but the sisters of Kappa Delta Chi manage to not only have fun, but prioritize academics before everything. This was also important to me because I found that being in an academic sorority like this one encouraged me to maintain higher grades than I would have had I NOT been in the sorority.

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