Can I Wear Someone Else’s Line Jacket?

New members in Greek Life often don’t have a line jacket to wear to events yet. It can be easy to feel left out. You might wonder, can I wear someone else’s line jacket?

You’ll want to default to any guidelines your organization or chapter has on this situation. A Big sibling or New Member educator is a great person to ask.

These guidelines are general and not organization or chapter-specific.


First, verify there’s a true need to wear a line jacket.

While most members of Greek Life will wear their line jackets to Greek events, it’s completely expected that new members won’t have their jackets to wear yet. You might feel like you stick out, but it’s a normal part of your new member experience and shouldn’t be seen as embarrassing.


Let’s say you really do need to wear a line jacket.

One common example is wearing a line jacket to stroll. Your next step is to ask siblings directly related to you if they have a jacket you can borrow. That sibling might have two jackets or plan on not going to the event. You can ask your Big, GBig, Twin, or close friend, but make sure you stick within your own organization. You shouldn’t wear another organization’s letters!


Remember that wearing another sibling’s jacket is a privilege.

The jacket probably has that sibling’s nickname and line number, directly tying them to the jacket you’re wearing. People who don’t know you might just assume you’re actually that sibling! Take off the jacket and hold it at times when to don’t need to wear it.

To be courteous, you may ask the owner of the jacket if there is anything you should be mindful of. For example, maybe they don’t want you to take pictures in their jacket. Your older Greek siblings will probably be very chill, but it can’t hurt to ask!


Finally, don’t forget to thank the sibling and return their jacket in good condition.

It’s amazing that your sibling trusts you enough to wear their line jacket.

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