My Favorite aKDPhi Moment

My Favorite aKDPhi Moment

by Helena Ho

Joining a Committee as a Neo

In the fall 2022 semester, I was a neo (first semester in the sorority). One of my best friends, Carolyn, was Vice President of Service and Philanthropy, so she oversaw Mr. Pink Committee.  Mr. Pink Committee was the committee I joined!

The Mr. Pink Pageant

In the beginning of October, Carolyn split us up into fundraising teams. I was assigned to help Richard Chang, representing Kappa Pi Beta. Through creating bingo dare boards late at night on Canva, to watching him complete all the challenges, he raised over $500 before the event even took place. During the event itself, the contestants performed their many different talents and it was fun to watch my friends compete. I also got to stroll for the first time at this event outside of my new member reveal!

"My favorite memory with alpha Kappa Delta Phi would be Mr. Pink!" - Helena, crossed aKDPhi Spring 2022 at Purdue University

Since this was my first time attending and running the Mr. Pink event, it was so exciting and fun to see the Asian community come together. Additionally, it was very heartwarming to see how supportive the other Asian student organizations were towards us and towards each other.

Big Brother

Even after Mr. Pink, I continued to hang out with Richard. Later on, I asked him to be my big bro! While my neo semester was busy trying to adjust to being an active sister, my experience with Mr. Pink gave me so many fond memories and experiences to grow from.

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